Case Studies / Arc Welding / Steel Gates for Transportation

Motoman Robots Arc WeldingFlexible welding system achieved project goals. Achieved required cycle time rate of 6 minutes.

Project Challenges

  • Provide a flexible robotic system to weld four sizes of steel gates, with 13” minimum dimension and 42” maximum dimension.
  • Parts will require approximately 95 robotic welds, and cycle time will be approximately 6 minutes, assuming 100% efficiency.
  • Fixture changeover will be manual and will require approximately 10 minutes for one part number, and 5 minutes for each of the other three part numbers.
  • Improve weld quality and consistency, and reduce direct labor while increasing productivity.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a modified dual FabWorld UP20-6 DR2C system, including:

  • (2) Motoman six-axis UP20-6 robots with extended reach.
  • (2) XRC 2001 DR2C robot controllers, interfaced as a single controller with one programming pendant, but with equipment package to separate controllers for individual control, if desired.
  • (2) Robot base risers.
  • (1) XOI01-2 Expanded I/O Module.
  • (1) XMM01-2 Expanded Memory Module.
  • (2) Miller Auto Invision II weld packages, each with 450-Amp constant voltage power source, 170-V dual-robot touch-sense, four-roll wire feeder, feed rolls, and interconnecting cables.
  • (2) Weld dress-out packages.
  • (2) Motoman Tough Gun® 450-Amp water-cooled torch packages.
  • (2) Tregaskiss reamer/sprayer nozzle cleaning stations with stand.
  • (2) Motoman pneumatic wire cutters.
  • (2) Motoman MHT-450 headstock/tailstock positioners with 450-kg (990-lb) rated load, 9.8 rpm headstock speed, and 4-second 180-degree rotation. Includes MotoMount™ compliant tool mounting system.
  • Custom fixture package.
  • (2) Operator stations with manual jog capability.
  • Common equipment base for XRCs and welding power supplies.
  • Cell guarding package, including wire safety fencing with one access gate and positive break safety switch; arc flash protection curtains, light curtains at positioner load/unload stations, and robot S-axis zone ring.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided two fixture frames, one for each positioner, and pneumatically clamped fixtures with manually adjustable, quick-release details for each of the four part numbers in both fixture frames. Fixtures accommodate only one size of gate at a time, and changeover between gate models is manual. Sensors triggers alarm if the wrong part is loaded with a particular fixture. Fixture design assumes pre-tacked parts. Fixture details are hardened and fixtures include part identification and clamp-closed sensors.

Ref: ACS-059

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