Case Studies / Arc Welding / Turret Bases for Military Vehicles

Motoman Robots Arc WeldingSystem shipped early. Customer needed start-up support due to increased demand for parts. Motoman Robotics provided over two weeks of multiple-shift support. Motoman Robotics' solution more than quadrupled production – from 5-7 a day to approx. 20-25 per day. System achieved required cycle time of better than two parts per hour. Integration of OTC welding packages familiar to customer reduced training time. Motoman Robotics system provides necessary reach for both sides of workcell, and minimum downtime. Competitor’s robot system was redeployed to perform simpler welding tasks on other subassemblies.

Project Challenges

  • Significantly increase production rate (quadruple or more) due to military’s requirement for more vehicles.
  • Achieve production rate of approximately two or more parts per hour versus the one part per hour produced by existing (competitor’s) robot system. Parts require 75 welds per assembly, including multiple-pass welds, and significant gap conditions exist.
  • Achieve weld joint repeatability within 0.785 mm (±0.030").
  • Decrease significant amounts of downtime with competitor’s robot.
  • Improve robot reach and allow flexibility for welding on both sides of the robot cell.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a modified FabWorld® UP20M system, including:

  • Motoman UP20M (extended reach) robot with XRC 2001 controller.
  • Robot base riser.
  • OTC weld package including Turbo Pulse 500 power source, four-roll drive roll feeder and drive rolls, OTC robot controller interface, conduit cable guide adapter, interconnecting cables, and fusible disconnect.
  • Weld dress-out package.
  • Motoman Tough Gun® Torch Package with 450-amp water cooled GMAW torch.
  • Water circulator.
  • Tregaskiss reamer/sprayer nozzle cleaning station.
  • Motoman pneumatic wire cutter.
  • Deluxe accessory stand for torch cleaner and wire cutter.
  • ToolSight™ comprehensive torch alignment package.
  • Two Motoman MHT-450 headstock positioners with 450-kg (992-lb) rated load, 4-second 180-degree rotation, and 9.8 rpm headstock speed.
  • MotoMount™ compliant tool mounting system.
  • Two operator stations with manual jog.
  • Common equipment base for XRC and welding power supply.
  • Cell guarding package, including: wire safety fencing with one access gate and positive break safety switch, arc flash protection curtains, laser scanners at positioner load/unload stations, light curtains at operator station and robot S-axis zone ring.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Fixtures for this project were Customer supplied, and consist of manually clamped fixtures (without sensors) used to hold subassemblies and components. Parts are located using the inside diameter (ID) of the major ring. Smaller components and subassemblies are clamped after the ring is located.

Ref: ACS-055

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