Case Studies / Arc Welding / Weld-Intensive Brackets for Heavy Vehicles

Motoman Robots Arc WeldingMotoman's solution is 500% faster than the manual process. Average cycle time is 5 minutes, 55 seconds - 1.39% higher than requirement.

Project Challenges

  • Aggressive cycle time of 12 -16 welds per part in six minutes - equates to 10 parts per hour, 5,300 per month. Manual process required approximately 30 minutes per part.
  • Weld three or four brackets on part approximately 2,210 mm (87") long, weighing 122.4 kg (270 lbs), with walls of .625" thick mild steel.
  • Large welds, some with 25.4 mm (1") bead width, requiring multiple weld passes with large weaves, using .045" solid wire.
  • Redo all weld processes from manual welding with .052" fluxcore wire to accommodate automatic welding with .045" solid wire.
  • Weld inconsistent parts that are .5 mm - 2.5 mm (.020" - .100") out of tolerance.
  • Improve weld repeatability and dimensional tolerances over manual clamping/welding process.

Motoman Robotics Solution

An ArcWorld™ 6216 solution with custom pneumatic fixturing, including:

  • Dual SK16 robots with MRC controllers
  • MRM2-500 ferris wheel-type headstock/tailstock (HS/TS) positioner
  • Two Miller Deltaweld 652 power sources, and Robotic II microprocessor-controlled welding interfaces
  • Two Motoman 450-amp, water-cooled ToughGun™ welding packages, including: torch, safety clutch, wire feeder, side-mount process package, and start-up kit
  • Two Binzel™ torch reamers
  • Tregaskiss anti-spatter sprayer
  • 200-V Touch Sense package
  • Allen-Bradley SLC/500 programmable controller
  • PanelView™ interface panel with touch screen
  • Steel base to elevate all controls 457.2 mm (18") off floor
  • Integrated safety package, including: fencing, arc screen curtains, safety mats and double interlocked gates
Ref: ACS-003
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