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Motoman Robots Ladeling, Extracting, and DegatingAutomated aluminum casting process. Robots integrated with furnace molds and controllers. Met customer's required cycle time for various parts.

Project Challenges

  • Automate aluminum casting process.
  • Increase production.
  • Cycle time must be less than 60-second mold-open time.
  • Integrate Customer supplied furnace, clam shell-type molds, and programmable controllers.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a flexible solution to ladle molten aluminum into sand-cast cores in molds, extract and degate the castings, and clean the crucible, including:

  • NY300-II robot with MRC controller
  • NY170-II robot with MRC controller
  • Heat-resistant robot jacket
  • Customer supplied 45-kg (99.2-lb) steel crucible (ladle) with red clay coating
  • Crucible blow-out station
  • Quick-change end-of-arm tooling (mechanical gripper) for sand-core handling (Customer supplied)
  • Quick-change end-of-arm tooling (mechanical gripper) for casting handling
  • Tool table
  • MR300, 180° indexing positioner with 300-kg (662-lb) weight capacity per side, 4-second index time and
  • ,524 mm (60") diameter table top
  • Operator station
  • Core-breaking station with reciprocating chisel and sand collection chute
  • Degating saw with scrap chute
  • Inspection table with hydraulic push transfer
  • Customer supplied casting station with two stationary fixture benches
  • Customer supplied Allen-Bradley PLC5 and Motomansupplied Xycom industrial computer with RSView32®
  • Motoman Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (MARIO) link
  • Search function
  • Customer supplied crucible heater
  • Integrated work cell protection package, including: woven wire perimeter safety fence, safety mats, zone ring, robot status beacon, muting light curtain, and two safety interlocked gates

Ref: ACS-024

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