Case Studies / Dispensing / Sealant on Automotive Glass

Motoman Robots Handling and DispensingImproved productivity two or three times over existing gantry systems that run one type of part and require manual changeover. Cycle time: 26 seconds on test part.

Project Challenges

  • Process eight different part combinations (six different sizes) with right hand (RH) and left hand (LH) part configurations, plus LH/LH and RH/RH only configurations for one part size.
  • Provide flexible tooling/fixtures to handle multiple part sizes and shapes without manual change over or interruption in cycle.
  • Achieve cycle time of less than 30 seconds per set.
  • Achieve repeatability of ± 0.5 mm (.02").
  • Improve productivity and flexibility over existing gantry systems that process only one part size and configuration at a time and require manual changeover.
  • Minimizing need for operators to work in a fume-filled environment.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a highly flexible dual-process solution with custom tooling and fixtures, including:

  • Two SK120 robots with MRC controllers for material handling
  • Two SK16 robots with MRC controllers for sealant dispensing
  • Two custom dual vacuum grippers including valves, pneumatic packages, part-present sensors and vacuum switches
  • Two Customer supplied sealant dispensing packages, including sponge grippers
  • Servo-controlled, flip-over station with part centering fixtures. Includes vacuum cups on fixed locating side and on servo controlled flip-over frame
  • Two manual infeed shuttles with pop-up guide rails to position the various part configurations in Customer supplied racks
  • Two manual outfeed shuttles
  • Two operator stations with thumb wheel switches for program selection
  • Allen-Bradley SLC/503 Programmable Controller
  • PanelMate™ operator panel for Man/Machine Interface (MMI)
  • Customer supplied preheat oven with fixtures
  • Two sponge trays, with sensors to verify sponge position in dispensing gripper
  • Two sponge removal stations with felt dab pads to remove excess primer
  • Curing station that holds two sets of parts (four pieces total)
  • Common base for SK16 robots and flip-over station
  • Integrated safety package including: wire fence, two status beacons mounted on fence, four safety interlocked gates, three zone rings, and two light curtains
Ref: ACS-014
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