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Simple 2D vision enables minimal human involvement in the tending of an industrial machine


With manual operation of a CNC lathe or other specialty machinery, max utilization is difficult to achieve without some level of automation. Inefficiencies typically occur due to: a) having the operator standing idle while the machine is cycling, or b) having the machine sitting idle until an operator is available to load or unload the part.


1) Operator or conveyor delivers groupings of unfinished parts at a designated area.

2) Robot uses 2D vision to locate and pick parts from bin or table area.

3) Robot loads part into machine.

4) Robot initiates machine cycle.

5) Robot unloads finished part from machine and places in unload area or conveyor.

6) Operator retrieves finished parts as needed.


Machine and staff are running at maximum utilization. The machine is able to run continual cycles unattended. The use of 2D vision minimizes human involvement in the stocking/arrangement of unfinished parts. Power & Force limiting and Speed & Separation Monitoring enables workers to move parts to and from the station without interrupting the cycle.


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