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Motoman Robot Laser CuttingAchieved 27.5 second cycle time — 0.5 seconds faster than requirement. Met customer’s requirements for cutting tolerances. Bumpers produced meet end-customer’s stringent strength and quality requirements for crash performance.

Project Challenges

  • Provide flexibility to process several styles of automotive front bumpers.
  • Cut 8 circles and 4 slots (12 total) precise holes in 3-mm (0.118") thick galvanized steel front bumpers.
  • Achieve cutting tolerances of ±2-mm (±0.079"). Achieve cycle time of 28 seconds per part.
  • Meet customer’s production rate of 1,400 parts per day based on two 7-hour shifts.
  • Bumpers must meet end-customer’s stringent strength and quality requirements for crash performance.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a LaserWorld 200 system with custom fixtures, including:

  • Two Motoman SK16X robots with XRC controllers.
  • Class 1 light-tight 3.7-m L x 3-m W x 3.96-m H (10.5' L x 10' W x 13' H) enclosure with patented safety features, fluorescent lighting, and two custom-designed rotating door cylinders.
  • Mezzanine for controllers, lasers and water chillers.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) with color touchscreen.
  • Programmable controller.
  • Two operator stations.
  • Two sets of custom-designed fixtures with spring-loaded and pneumatic clamping, including part-present and clamp open/closed sensors.
  • Customer supplied 1,000-Watt Nd:YAG laser with water chiller.
  • Customer supplied focusing head with filter to remove moisture.
  • Assist gas delivery system — delivers nitrogen, oxygen or shop air to cutting head, provides positive pressure and purges head.
  • Exhaust system.
  • 6.4-m (21') powered slat conveyor for scrap.
  • Common steel mounting base for robots and positioners.
  • Integrated workcell protection package, including two sets of vertical light curtains at the operator stations, two 3-color status beacons, camera inside cell and black & white monitor outside enclosure.

Ref: ACS-037

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