Case Studies / Material Removal / Contoured Panels

Motoman Robot Laser CuttingLaser process eliminates costly set-up dies. Cycle time: 46 seconds; more than 23% faster than required 60-second cycle.

Project Challenges

  • Cost-effectively cut narrow slot(s) in powder-coated panels on part contours where conventional die cutting and stamping methods would be difficult.
  • Provide flexible solution and flexible tooling/fixturing that can be easily adapted to handle future part design changes.
  • Achieve cycle time of one part per minute (production rate of 60 parts/hour).
  • Maintain tight part tolerances of ± .76 mm (.030").
  • Eliminate costly dies and die set-up time.

Motoman Robotics Solution

  • A flexible, fully integrated LaserWorld™ solution with custom fixturing, including:
  • SK16 robot with MRC controller
  • 12" robot riser
  • Laser Mechanisms, Inc. articulated arm for beam delivery
  • Coherent Diamond 84 225-Watt CO2 Laser
  • Neslab Water Chiller for laser cooling
  • Custom laser mounting frame
  • EOA Multiclutch 50 Safety Clutch
  • 15 KVA step-down transformer for laser and chiller
  • Balston 75-20 Air Dryer to supply purge air to beam delivery package
  • High-speed, DC-motor-driven, 180° reciprocating positioner with:
    • 500-lb. capacity per side
    • 60" diameter tabletop
    • 5-second index time
    • Special safety modifications (baffles on either side of the fixture, rubber strip on top edge of the divider screen, and a sheet metal skirt to prevent light from escaping)
    • Hard-wired switch with force-driven contacts prevents laser activation if table is out of position
  • Limit switches on robot S-axis (base rotation) keep laser beam directed inside work envelope
  • Common base for MRC, laser, and chiller
  • Cube software prevents interference between robot and beam delivery system
  • Fully integrated safety package, including: fencing, special laser-resistant curtains ,safety mats, and dual-interlocked gate
Ref: ACS-013
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