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Motoman Robots Laser CuttingFlexible robotic system processes variety of parts. System meets all quality requirements. Cycle times achieved are up to 10% faster than requirements.

Project Challenges

  • Eliminate manual cutting operations and improve quality and consistency of cuts.
  • Provide a flexible system capable of processing four different types of parts, including outer end caps, inner end caps, bulkheads, and wheel pockets. Parts are 16- and 20-gage galvanized sheet metal stampings.
  • Parts are large and unwieldy: 532 mm – 1,200 mm (20.9”-47.2”) W x 2,380 mm (93.7”) L x 152 mm – 229.6 mm (6”-9”) D.
  • Provide flexible robotic system with ability to accurately cut more than 40 shapes and trim perimeters of flat and contoured parts.
  • Meet cycle time requirements to produce 82 sets per day.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom laser cutting solution, including:

  • Two six-axis UP20 laser cutting robots with two XRC 2001 controllers.
  • Motoman Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (MARIO) links.
  • RobotPro® package.
  • Robot mounting structure – steel frame for mounting two robots.
  • Integration of two Customer supplied laser packages with water chillers.
  • Fixture package.
  • Motoman MSR-1000 AC servo-driven, two-station, 180-degree indexing turntable positioner with 1,000 kg (2,200-lb.) capacity per side and 7-second index time fully loaded. H-frame tabletop design with light-tight front wall in center of positioner.
  • Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller Package.
  • PC-based color touch-screen HMI with NEMA 12 enclosure on stand-alone pedestal. Includes ergonomic opto-touch cycle start switches and red, mushroom twist-and-release style emergency stop button.
  • Scrap conveyor – 12-in. W x 16-ft. L infeed type. Magnetic belt conveyor including scrap chutes, discharge and motor starter.
  • Exhaust system with 9,000 CFM blower with 5-hp motor, plenum, and ductwork.
  • Common equipment bases for XRCs and cutting power supplies.
  • CDRH Class 1 laser workcell enclosure with safety-interlocked access door, black-and-white CCTV camera and monitor package for process monitoring, and openings for exhaust and make-up air.
  • Environmental enclosure for laser cabinets.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Parts are run in batches, with manual fixture change-out between batches. Motoman Robotics provided two fixtures each for outer end caps, inner end caps, bulkheads, and wheel pockets (one set per side of the positioner). Parts are cradled by locators on the outside form, and held in place by vacuum cups.

Ref: ACS-047

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