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Motoman Robot Handling and Tray PackingSolution meets or exceeds all customer requirements. System easily achieves cycle time and burst rate.

Project Challenges

  • Reduce need for manual labor and also reduce costs by improving productivity and flexibility while maximizing throughput by eliminating downtime.
  • Handle a single part style of golf balls with a 1.68” diameter and maximum weight of 1.62 oz. from transport nests with 3” centers on an infeed conveyor onto a 26” square (approx) storage tray with balls in a 12 x 12 matrix on 2” centers.
  • Achieve target normal production rate of 66 balls per minute with 72 balls per minute burst capacity.
  • Robot gripper contact points have a maximum allowable contact area of 0.010”

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom robotic handling solution, including:

  • Four-axis Motoman HM-10-850-200 robot.
  • JRC 2001 Controller with JRC Enhanced Teach Pendant.
  • Custom end-of-arm tool – multi-function mechanical gripper.
  • Robot base riser.
  • Conveyor tracking package.
  • Tray destacker with 10 trays used for drying freshly painted product.
  • Customer supplied infeed conveyor with part transport nests (3” centers).
  • Controls package, including three-light status beacon, cables with covers (for cables subject to damage from falling or dropped parts), and required sensors.
  • Cell guarding package, including dual-channel safety hardware to meet ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard; 2.44 m (8 ft) nylon-coated wire with extruded aluminum frame; access gate with positive break safety switch; and conveyor pass-through opening protected by three-sided enclosures to limit operator’s reach into the cell.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Multi-function mechanical gripper handles up to three golf balls at a time. A slide on the outside of the grippers allows repositioning from the 3” center to the 2” center for tray loading. Tooling includes pneumatics and electricals package.

Ref: ACS-053

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