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Motoman Robot Handling and Case PackingRobotic system is integrated with industry-standard case packing equipment. Solution meets customer's requirements for flexibility, mobility, ease of operation, and minimum floor space. System achieves or betters cycle time: averages 5 seconds for small cases and 6 seconds for large cases.

Project Challenges

  • Integrate a flexible robotic solution with industry standard case packing equipment.
  • Provide a portable robot on a mobile docking cart that can easily be moved between production modules with minimal changeover required.
  • Batch-process one type of product at a time into either small or large cases with cycle time of six seconds or less per pick and place.
  • Handle multiple part configurations, as well as slip sheets, with the same vacuum gripper.
  • Minimize floor space requirements.
  • Keep operator interface simple.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a highly flexible case packing solution, including:

  • Motoman UP6 robot with XRC controller
  • Customer supplied 2.4-m (8-ft) powered belt-type product infeed conveyor
  • Customer supplied 1.2-m (4-ft) powered belt-type product singulation conveyor
  • Slip sheet stand
  • Customer supplied system with automatic case erector and controls. Includes powered belt-type case infeed conveyor with side-grip rails, and top and bottom case sealer
  • Flexview™ 1000 touch-screen operator interface panel
  • Mobile docking cart, including robot riser, base for XRC controller, removable steel handle, and docking station with pneumatic lock-down capability
  • Safety enclosure: clear plastic panels in extruded aluminum frame with electrical door interlocks
  • Light tower and status beacon
Ref: ACS-026
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