Case Studies / Packaging / Vision Picking and Packing with a Cobot


Cobot implementation with a Yaskawa HC10 at a multi-product production line in a real production environment.


Sarkkis Robotics was tasked with adding robotics to a multi-SKU packaging line with space limitations and workers in close proximity.


1) Operator places trays at packing station, resumes line/robot operation

2) Conveyor transports products to packing station

3) 3D camera identifies product and robot picking orientation

3) Robot equipped with dual grippers picks products and packs onto trays

4) Operator removes packed trays and repeats cycle


HC10DT collaborative robot accommodates operator involvement with simple-to-operate Smart Pendant and collaborative safety features. Mobile cart enables robot to work as-needed for multiple SKUs and stations. Robotiq dual gripper improves picking efficiency. Power-force limiting and speed & separation monitoring colllaborative modes of the HC10DT enable workers to enter the station with minimal interruption the cycle.


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