Case Studies / Palletizing / Packaged Computer Peripherals

Motoman Robot HandlingRetrofit system meets customer's requirements. Cycle time: 15 seconds per small box, to an average of 34 seconds per large box. (Average cycle of 34 seconds is approximately twice as fast as customer requirement).

Project Challenges

  • Retrofit existing robot, conveyors, PLC and peripherals purchased through an integrator into optimized configuration for new, flexible production line.
  • Upgrade work cell safety to meet current ANSI/RIA requirements.
  • Provide gripper that can reliably handle taped boxes made of corrugated material with a variety of surface finishes.
  • Boxes weigh from 11.8 - 63.5 kg (26-140 lbs) each and range in size from 610 mm L x 508 mm W x 305 mm H to 1,016 mm x 889 mm W x 1,016 mm H (24" x 20" x 12" to 40" x 35" x 40").
  • Provide programming for five different products. Palletize one to two types of product at a time in various pallet configurations, including pallet spacers and slip sheets, as needed.
  • Achieve cycle time not to exceed 60 seconds per box.
  • Add flexibility to facilitate programming of new case sizes and manual change-over between different case sizes.
  • Add error code diagnostics to system.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman supplied a flexible, retrofit palletizing solution, including:

  • Customer supplied Motoman SK120 robot with MRC controller. Motoman performed software upgrade and robot recalibration
  • Custom 1,067 mm (42") steel robot riser
  • Custom end-of-arm tooling - multizone vacuum gripper with sensors
  • High-speed search function software
  • Customer supplied Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC with PanelView™ 1400E interface, modified to add new screens, error diagnostics, and improve user interface
  • Three Customer supplied, powered-roller infeed conveyors with transfers and photo eyes
  • Customer supplied 2.4 m (8 ft) powered reject conveyor
  • Two Customer supplied bar code readers on incoming conveyors, plus hand-held scanner
  • Two customer supplied, powered roller outfeed conveyors with transfers. Motoman modified these by adding another motor and controls - which improved cycle time by allowing pallets to transfer in while full pallets transfer out
  • Two customer supplied automatic pallet destackers
  • Customer supplied automatic cardboard spacer dispenser with 2.4 m (8 ft) powered roller conveyor escapement
  • Customer-supplied steel slip sheet rack with two stacking stations
  • Customer-supplied laser printer
  • Integrated work cell protection, including: 2,438-mm (8-ft) high wire fencing, four safety interlocked gates, photo eyes, and light grids on infeed and outfeed conveyor openings
Ref: ACS-025
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