Case Studies / Part Transfer / Automotive Body Panels

Motoman Robot Handling Automotive Body PanelsMet customer's tight installation requirement over holiday shutdown. Cycle time for Part 1: 32 seconds - more than 13.5% faster than requirement. Cycle time for Part 2: 28 seconds - more than 24% faster than requirement

Project Challenges

  • Improve safety and reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries by reducing the need for personnel to handle the large sheet metal parts.
  • Increase production speed and productivity through automation.
  • Improve part quality by reducing scratches, dents, and other "deforms" caused by manual handling.
  • Provide means to identify parts in shuttle and in crowder fixture.
  • Achieve cycle time of less than 37 seconds to meet current production rate; provide capability to meet 25-second cycle in the future.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided the following:

  • SK120 robot with MRC controller
  • Custom end-of-arm tooling - vacuum gripper, including high-speed part detection sensor, part identification sensor, and pneumatics and electrical package
  • 9.1 mm (30') floor-mounted AC electric shuttle track with inverter for part infeed/outfeed racks. Includes two load/unload stations
  • Customer's existing Yaskawa GL60S2 Programmable Controller
  • Custom operator interface panel
  • Custom pneumatic crowder fixture
  • Integrated work cell protection, including: wire guarding, existing status beacon, and three safety interlocked gates
Ref: ACS-015
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