Case Studies / Part Transfer / DNA Sample Vials

Motoman RobotWorld HandlingThe RW system handles required vial sizes and accurately performs input, output and scrap functions. System easily exceeds customer’s daily throughput needs. Throughput speed can be up to 100% faster than requirement, depending on various factors.

Project Challenges

  • Handle 11 mm (0.43") diameter, 46 mm (1.81") tall vials with 13.1 mm (0.52") caps.
  • Maintain unique identity for nearly 5,000 vials containing unique DNA samples.
  • Retrieve vials requested via ordering system.
  • Send selected vials to integrated packout system.
  • Provide ability to operate Side A and Side B input modules independently.

Motoman Robotics Solution

  • RobotWorld RW161 with ORC controller.
  • Two standard TM6200 tooling modules that provide X-Y motion, each with four custom independent vacuum grippers featuring Z-stroke and rotate capability.
  • Integrated vision system used to read bar codes.
  • PC used to interface between ordering system, bar code reading system, and RobotWorld ORC controller.
  • Customer-provided vial racks.
  • Integrated packaging module (bagger).
  • Integrated safety package, including interlocks on access gates, drawer locks on input tray mechanisms, clear polycarbonate guarding, E-stop button on HMI panel.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided custom vacuum grippers with independent Z-axis and rotate capability. These vacuum grippers are mounted on standard TM6200 robot modules that provide the X- and Y-axis motion on RobotWorld’s frictionless air-bearing platen. Each gripper has four spindles that raise/lower, rotate, vacuum grip and release independently. This allows increased throughput by enabling up to four vials to be picked and placed at a time. Sensors on each gripper detect vial presence (vacuum seal achieved), and also indicate spindle retracted position. Gripper will not move unless all spindles are up.

Ref: ACS-057

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