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Motoman Robot Handling and Flame CuttingParts can be flame cut using three different load/unload scenarios, providing tremendous flexibility. Cycle time results better than customer expected. Part alignment time reduced 50%. Customer satisfied with cut quality and consistency.

Project Challenges

  • Highly flexible system required to handle 1,000 different parts while maintaining high quality cuts. Three sample parts ranged from 14-32 mm thick steel up to 2,789 mm  L x 1,200 mm  W.
  • Maintain angularity ±1 degree and dimensional tolerance ± 5 mm.
  • Reduce time required for part alignment prior to flame cutting.

Yaskawa Motoman Solution

  • Yaskawa Motoman provided a highly flexible solution, including:
  • 300-kg payload industrial robot with zone ring.
  • 8.7-m servo track with 1,134-kg payload capacity and a 6.92-m stroke. Track features 4.5 Kw servo motor and includes two overtravel switches and a home switch.
  • Electro-magnetic gripper with two magnets with adjustable positions (32” on center). Includes controller that generates power for magnets.
  • Two 16-kg payload robots on 4-ft steel robot riser bases.
  • Two 30 mm oxy-fuel cutting torches that use propane gas.
  • Two gas control panels.
  • Ignitor on stand. Automatic torch light and torch flame on sensor.
  • Two operator stations with thumbwheel selection of up to 999 programs each.
  • External touch-sensor probe device on 16-kg payload robot used to search for part edges.
  • Two flame-cutting tables, approximately 2 m x 6 m, equipped with pins to support parts.
  • Two part tables for loading/unloading.
  • Part alignment table with sensors.
  • Elevated cable track on wire fence.
  • 2.4-m (8-ft) H safety fencing, two vertical light curtains, and three safety-interlocked gates.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Yaskawa Motoman integrated an off-the-shelf magnetic gripper and provided a part orientation table featuring spring-loaded pads with sensors to robot inputs. Yaskawa Motoman also provided the custom flame cutting tables.

Ref: ACS-033

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