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Motoman Robot Handling and Press LoadingRobot system meets all project goals and objectives. Flexible system achieves 4-second cycle time and provides capability to run all required part sizes. Parts are batch run and no manual changeover is required between part runs. Operator simply selects proper robot program on controller. System improves safety by automating the press loading operation.

Project Challenges

  • Provide flexible system that can load various individual parts (round metal blanks) weighing 0.009-0.036 kg (0.02-0.08 lbs) into a 400-ton press.
  • Achieve 4-second cycle time, assuming previously formed part is properly ejected, parts are within specifications, die is within designed specifications, and feeder bowl is loaded and operating to proper levels.
  • System must be capable of detecting non-ejected parts.
  • Provide quick and easy changeover between part runs.
  • Improve operator safety by automating press operations.

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided an custom robotic press loading system, including:

  • Six-axis Motoman HP6 robot with NX100 robot controller.
  • Robot mounting frame – for mounting robot to press.
  • S-axis hard stop.
  • Additional XOI01 discrete I/O module.
  • Part feeding system to present parts to robot in proper orientation (diameter to diameter). Includes floor-mounted steel bowl feeder with stand, quick-release tooling, bulk supply hopper, controls package, return belt conveyor, and sound enclosure. Based on dimensional differences between parts, feeder automatically sorts out incorrect parts prior to presentation to the robot.
  • Cell guarding package that meets ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard, including: 2.44-m (8') H woven wire perimeter safety fencing; one access gate with positive-break safety switch and dual-channel safety hardware.
  • NOTE: Light curtains to protect operator were responsibility of press vendor.

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Customer provided robot end-of-arm tooling, consisting of a multi-function mechanical/vacuum gripper capable of handling all required part sizes. Gripper picks individual blanks out of a locating nest using outside diameter (O.D.) of parts and transfers them to the die. Sensors on the end-of-arm tooling are used to determine that previous part has been ejected from the die properly.

Ref: ACS-088

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