News / November 2021 / Easy-to-Use Yaskawa SPI-67 Interface Streamlines Robotic Removal of Molded Parts

Dayton, OH (November 2021) — The intuitive SPI-67 electrical interface easily accommodates application requirements for the robotic removal of molded parts from horizontal injection molding machines (IMMs). Installed in the YRC1000 controller, this hardware and software solution maximizes uptime and throughput for GP-series and HC-series robots.

Conforming with international standards and safety regulations, SPI-67 is EuroMap 67-compliant and adheres to the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI) electrical interface guidelines.

Robust interface communication transmits standard handshaking signals such as door status, robot operating and ejector position. A 50-pin interface connection acts as a physical link between the robot and the IMM. Dual-channel/redundant safety signals allow direct connection to the IMM.

Mounted within the YRC1000 controller, there is no need for an additional cabinet. A door-mounted safety and power interface provides the needed safety I/O and includes two unused, dual-channel safety contacts that can be used for interfacing with safety input devices (i.e., light curtains or safety scanners) or paired with the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) output functions to obtain dual-channel, dry contact safety-rated outputs.

Direct Connect I/O cards allow convenient access to the robot’s native 40 inputs and 40 outputs, while adding valuable relay outputs.

NPN and PNP versions are available.

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