News / Yaskawa Motoman Introduces Easy-to-Use Smart Pendant: Next Generation of Robot Programming

Dayton, OH (September 2018) — The next generation of robot programming, Smart Pendant radically changes the way a robot is programmed, providing simplified programming and fast implementation. Its easy-to-understand, tablet-based interface offers a simple learning curve compared to the standard pendant and is ideal for novice robot programmers.

Smart Pendant readily adapts to the user’s style for easy operation. Its patented, built-in Smart Frame technology determines the user’s orientation relative to the robot. This eliminates the use of conventional coordinate (X,Y,Z) frames and utilizes human coordinate references for easy command of robot movement.

Smart Pendant features automatic programming feedback which can reduce programmer errors, and its quick error recovery can reduce costly downtime. The Smart Pendant interface displays relevant information during playback allowing users to easily monitor variables, positions and I/O during runtime.

Smart Pendant offers a variety of features to simplify programming efforts, including:
  • Descriptive commands that alleviate the need to memorize abbreviations
  • A favorites bar to capture commonly used commands for easy access
  • Touch-to-edit functionality for job editing
  • Uniquely designed Command Builder that guides the user to insert commands
  • A detailed, built-in help and how-to instructions that eliminate the need for hard copy manuals
Capable of delivering quick robotic implementation for a variety of handling applications, Smart Pendant is available for use with select Yaskawa Motoman YRC-controlled robots.

Smart Pendant includes Yaskawa Soft Pendant software, a digital version of the YRC1000 pendant that can be run on a Windows® operating system.

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