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ArcWorld 1000

Inspired by one of our first and most popular ArcWorld® designs, the ArcWorld 1000 series utilizes a turntable to index parts for processing while the operator loads and unloads parts. Designed to be highly portable, the common base and integrated design allow this workcell to be deployed quickly anywhere in your plant.


Ease of Integration

Designed on a single common base for simplified shipping, setup, and portability without dealing with cable management and alignment issues.

Fast and Dependable

A single- or dual-robot setup with servo turntable positioner ensures fast cycle times, while reliably producing high quality parts.

Ergonomic and Safe

A convenient, straightforward operator station, comfortable part loading height, and overhead crane access make this workcell easy to operate across all shifts. All ArcWorlds are designed for operator and programmer safety and to exceed all applicable safety standards.


Workcell Design

  • Welding workcell designed for general fabricators with high production requirements.

  • Space-saving design features a common platform for the robot, positioner and safety fencing for quick, easy setup.

  • Controller and power source equipment base can be separated for maintenance or to change the orientation.

  • Total safety environment complies with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and relevant ISO and CSA safety standards.

  • Sliding interlocked doors on each side of workcell provide easy programming access.

Equipment Included

  • Available with one or two AR1440 high-speed arc welding robots.

  • YRC1000 robot controller equipment with Universal Weldcom Interface.

  • Broad compatibility of welding power supply, torch and accessories.

  • Twist-lock connectors are included on all interconnecting cables.

  • Integrated utilities including gas, feeder signals and torch lead.

Workpiece Capacity

  • Positioner available with 355-, 655-, and 1,055-kg payload capacity.

  • 1,524 mm (60”) turning diameter; divided by a protective arc screen that allows the operator to safely load and unload parts from one location outside the robot work envelope, while the robot welds inside the workcell.

  • Optional 1,828 mm (72”) turning diameter table is available.

  • Designed to accommodate single- or multiple-fixture part run. Fixtures are easily located on the table using dowel pins.


Creating an ArcWorld

Check out how much time, effort and precision goes into making each ArcWorld.

ArcWorld in Action

Watch how operators can remove and load parts in safety, while robots expertly weld.

Which ArcWorld?

Which ArcWorld is Right for You?

ArcWorlds reduce cost, engineering and delivery time.
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