ARBOT 1000-Series


Fully Automated Robot Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper


The Arbot is a pre-engineered robotic palletizing cell that automatically stacks and wraps pallets to exact specifications. It consists of a 

multi-axis robot, gripper, automatic stretch wrapper, pallet dispenser and conveyance system within a space efficient footprint.Arbot cells range from a one-line in, one-line out configuration, up to a four-line in, four-line out configuration to match production needs. 
Grippers are matched to the application and range from simple suction cups and vacuum plates, to fork and bag style tools. Custom tool designs are also available to accommodate virtually any product. 
The system can accommodate cases, trays, bundles, bags, etc. 
Speeds vary by application; however, rates exceeding 40 pieces per minute are possible. 
An automatic pallet dispenser supplies pallets as needed and can be reloaded while the system is running to maximize efficiency. 
Slip sheets and tier sheets can also be placed as needed. 
After the load is complete, it is transferred to a fully automatic stretch wrapping station, allowing the robot to immediately begin building the next pallet. Wrapped pallets are then discharged to a staging conveyor for pick-up. For operator safety, a fully interlocked guard system is provided that immediately stops the robot in the event that a perimeter door is opened.


Product Types:

Cartons, Shrink Packs, Trays, Flat Roofing Shingles

Max Product Weight:

200 lbs.

Max Picks Per Minute:




Palletizing Stations:


Robotic Equipment:

MPL-Series Robot; DX200 Controller, optional PalletSolver Software


  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Pallet Dispensing
  • Slipsheet Insertion
  • Label-Face Orientation
  • Non-Standard Pallets
  • Smart Conveyors
  • PLC Integrated
  • Universal Vacuum Pad Zero-Changeover Gripper
  • Partial Layer Forming
  • HMI
  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU)


  • PalletSolver Software
  • BeConnected Remote Monitoring & Metrics


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Systems Available in the United States & Canada


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