Dual-Line VersaPal™

Automated Motion

Multi-Line Robotic Palletizing


Fully automated dual-line infeed to dual pallet stations

The Automated Motion Dual Line VersaPal™ is pre-engineered to deliver reliable and fully automated palletizing of 2 infeed lanes to 2 pallet stations. The VersaPal can be purchased in this dual line configuration or in single or multi-line configurations up to four in-feeds to four out-feeds, along with slip sheet rack, pallet rack, automatic pallet dispenser, and automatic pallet discharge options.


This highly flexible and versatile palletizing system is fully integrated with our Automated Motion A/B PLC control system, which enables Automated Motion to quickly engineer a complete, easy to use, and safe system that meets our customer’s requirements.


The Dual Line VersaPal is a flexible palletizing cell suitable for case, carton, bag, or pail applications. Automated Motion’s engineering team has decades of experience and can design a custom End-of-arm-Tool for our customer’s unique requirements or utilize one of our many standard EOAT designs.


The Automated Motion team will design, build, and test each system in our manufacturing facility, and then deliver, install, and commission the VersaPal in our customer’s facility. We stand behind every system we install.

Product Types:

Cases, Cartons, Bags, Pails, Trays

Max Product Weight:

200 lbs.

Picks Per Minute:

Up to 12 cycles/minute (single or multiple products/cycle)


1-4 (shown is 2)

Palletizing Stations:

1-4 (shown is 2)

Robotic Equipment:

MPL80II, MPL100II or MPL160II Robot; DX200 Controller


  • Dual in-feed conveyors
  • Dual Palletizing stations
  • Heavy-duty pallet transfer conveyor (i.e. to central shrink wrap)
  • Pallet dispensers or rack
  • Slip sheet rack
  • MPL robotic arm and controller
  • Automated Motion PLC operator interface
  • Standard or customer specific End of Arm Tool (EOAT)
  • Safety guarding


Multiple Infeeds, Multiple Palletizing Stations, Pallet Dispenser or rack, Slip Sheet Rack, Pallet Wrapping, EOAT Options (vacuum, gripper, clamp, fork), Pallet Solver



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Systems Available in the United States & Canada


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