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Quick Start Guide

Thanks for trying PalletSolver. Here are some steps to get you up and running in about an hour:

Download PalletSolver PC v1.6.1.6

Download PalletSolver

Click the button above to download the latest version of PalletSolver PC.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2.0 or Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • 400 MHz processor, recommended 1 GHz for full version
  • 128 MB RAM, recommended 1 GB for full version
  • 30 MB hard disk space
  • 1280 x 1024 screen resolution


  • Unzip the folder, PalletSolver-PC
  • Open the file: PalletSolverInstaller
  • Follow the instructions on the help screen
  • Click OK to clear alert when first opening the program

Import the Training Data

  • Download and unzip the folder Training Example to the location of your choice
  • Open PalletSolver
  • From your home screen, select File > Open Project
  • Navigate to your unzipped file named Training Project.xml
  • Select "Open", and the Training data will be imported in the tool

Take a Free Online Training Course

Laptop Work-10
  • Click here to access PalletSolver self-serve online trainings. The PalletSolver PC training corresponds with the example projects you've installed.

Export / Re-Import Project Data

While the saving project control is disabled in the demo version of PalletSolver, here is a way to store your setup for other projects until you're ready to upgrade to the Full Version:

Export a Project Database

  • From an open project, select Project > Export > XML Database from the top menu
  • Select the Packages, Grippers and Cells you would like to export
  • Click the "Export" button and save to your selected location

Import a Project Database


  • From an open project, select Project > Import > from the top menu. Then select your Import type:
    • XML Database exported from a previous session
    • External package data in CSV or XML format
    • External pattern data from CAPE or TOPS
  • Select the Packages, Grippers and Cells you would like to add to your project
  • Click the "Import" button

Quick Links

Press Control + D to bookmark this page for future reference:

PalletSolver Online Training:

  1. PalletSolver PC Offline Pattern Generator

  2. PalletSolver Operation for MLX Controllers

  3. PalletSolver Setup for MLX 300

  4. PalletSolver Operation for DX Controllers

PalletSolver Downloads

  PalletSolverPC v1.6.1.6 (ZIP)
  Training Example Projects (ZIP)
  PalletSolver User Manual (PDF)
  PalletSolver Data Sheet (PDF)

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