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From skilled labor shortages to production bottlenecks and seasonal product demands, highly reliable and efficient robots are helping manufacturers and suppliers deal with a range of tough challenges. To gain inspiration for ways you can address your specific concerns, connect with our experts at Automate.

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Easy Programming

Experience two easy ways of programming a robot: hand-guided teaching, and patented Smart Frame technology which moves the robot relative to the user!


Robotic Palletizing

Highly reliable, industrial and collaborative robots offer improved speed and safety in palletizing applications. They are also flexible and feature space-saving designs to maximize valuable floorspace.


Small Part Processing

Zero footprint SCARA robots offer extreme speed and precision for a variety of applications requiring short cycle times. These models can easily be integrated with vision functionality.


Finishing Automation

Factory Mutual approved paint robot for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments.

Paint Robots


Collaborative Machine Tending

Combines safety and ease-of-use with speed and accuracy; highly adaptable and easily integrated with existing automation.

Machine Tending


3D Vision

Easy-to-use hardware/software solution that utilizes a single 3D machine vision head to quickly and easily recognize and pick parts that are randomly placed in bins.

Vision Solutions


Pallet Pattern Generation

Streamline your palletizing process with an easy-to-use, PC-based software solution. PalletSolver® allows users to quickly generate ideal pallet patterns offline for virtually any mix of SKUs.

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Collaborative Welding

Designed to add capacity to current production, a collaborative robot will be featured on a modular weld table with arc flash and fume mitigation.

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Machine Control

Preview Drives & Motion’s new machine control platform that provides the flexibility of open system design and the scalability of modular system integration.

Drives & Motion


Speaker: Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell
Yaskawa Product Manager

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Time: 8:00 – 8:45 am
Track: Collaborative Robotics
Title: Evolving Applications for Collaborative Robots


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Thank you to the following partners. At the show, look for additional Yaskawa robots that will be featured in these partner booths:

Eagle Technologies

Eagle Technologies
Booth #809

Spray Equipment

Spray Equipment
Booth #5432

Path Robotics

Path Robotics
Booth #3338

Calvary Robotics

Calvary Robotics
Booth #4740

Servo Robotics

Servo Robotics
Booth #1015

Innovative Automation Inc.

Innovative Automation
Booth #5532

Veo Robotics

Veo Robotics
Booth #2718

Murrplastik Systems

Murrplastik Systems
Booth #3749

Taylor Winfield Technologies

Booth #2013


Booth #2223



Booth #4500

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