Fabtech Highlights

Technology for end-to-end fabrication is advancing at an incredibly fast pace, assisting leading manufacturers in their efforts to keep up with evolving customer demands. To help you plan for the coming year, here's a recap of the robot, vision, control and IIoT solutions we demonstrated that can deliver the boost you need to remain competitive.

Boost Welding Productivity

No matter what size part, Yaskawa Motoman has a pre-engineered ArcWorld welding cell for it, including the ArcWorld 6200 for medium- to large-size part production, and the ArcWorld 50 series for small parts.

Arc Welding Examples


Jigless Spot Welding

A three-robot spot cell highlighted the use of multiple robot control with coordinated motion between different devices and processes through a single teach pendant for the fabrication of a single part.

Spot Welding Robots


Collaborative Machine Loading

An HC10 collaborative robot used vision to identify parts to be loaded into an industrial machine - then ran through the entire cycle in this machine tending demo.


More Machine Tending


Real-Time Machine Monitoring

A key component of Yaskawa’s i3-Mechatronics vision of Industry 4.0, Yaskawa Cockpit delivers machine-level data in an accessible dashboard-style interface design.

Online Demo


Partner With a Pro

Our in-house advanced systems integration team can design and execute custom turnkey solutions tailored to exact requirements for unique applications. In addition, a variety of Motoman robots were on display by several of our systems integrators and technology partners.

Custom Solutions


Next-Generation Collaboration

Work side-by-side with a robot or adjust industrial speeds based on human proximity. Yaskawa Motoman offers robots that cover all four modes of collaboration.

Collaborative Modes


Beyond Fabtech

Yaskawa Motoman has application expertise for all of your fabrication and material processing needs, including:


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