FETC 2023 Post Show
National FETC Future of Education Technology Conference

We shared valuable information concerning strategies you can implement to better prepare students for the future. The solutions shown included our compact MotoMini robot that is used in common manufacturing processes, and our portable STEM robotics education cart that provides a package of leading technologies typically encountered in today’s advanced manufacturing environments. Want to learn more? Contact an expert ›

Yaskawa Motoman's FETC 2023 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman's FETC 2023 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman's FETC 2023 Booth

Innovative Solutions

MotoSim EG-VRC

MotoSim® EG-VRC

A comprehensive educational software package that enables easy offline robot programming (OLRP) and virtual 3D simulation of industrial workcells in a safe, virtual setting.

MotoSim Touch

MotoSim Touch

Deliver industrial robotics training without a robot. This PC-based, virtual classroom environment provides a simple, affordable way to bring real-world robotics into an educational setting.

Robotics Training

Train the Trainer

Created for education institutions looking to develop or enhance student-based robotics certification courses, this training provides helpful knowledge for K-12 and career tech students, and college undergraduates.

STEM Robotics for Students

Together with the educator community, Yaskawa Motoman is creating better workforce models and STEM educational opportunities for students to learn about industrial robotics and related career paths.

Tour with STEM students
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