Pack Expo

Pack Expo Highlights

Technology for end-to-end packaging is advancing at an incredibly fast pace, assisting leading manufacturers in their efforts to keep up with evolving customer demands. Even if you missed us at Pack Expo 2019, it's not too late to experience the robot, vision, control and IIoT solutions.

Hands-On Programming

Pack Expo attendees got to experience two new ways to make robot programming easy for everyone. Hand-guided teaching and Smart Frames which moves the robot relative to you!

Video Demos


Versatile Vision Picking

Three examples of vision picking were demonstrated: High-performance 2D vision with pattern recognition, as well as 3D bin picking and high-speed pick-and-place using the MotoPick software package.

Vision Options


Adaptive Food Handling

Food handling automation is more flexible than ever, thanks to Smart Series robots and advanced gripping technology that can handle unstructured tasks and objects of varying size, shape and weight.

More Grippers


Real-Time Machine Monitoring

Watch the technology that's watching the equipment, as Yaskawa Cockpit delivers machine-level data in an accessible dashboard-style interface design.

Online Demo


Fast-Paced Palletizing

See the simplest software and the fastest robots work together to perform palletizing capable of handling complex mixes of SKUs and pallet patterns.

Download PalletSolver 


Next-Generation Collaboration

Work side-by-side with a robot or adjust industrial speeds based on human proximity. Smart Series robots cover all four modes of collaboration.

Collaborative Modes


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