ProMat 2023 Post Show

Discover how to enhance material handling operations and develop strategic advantage, deliver exceptional productivity gains, improve product quality and reduce operational costs. Contact our automation experts to learn more about readily available, smart robotic solutions.

Yaskawa Motoman ProMat 2023 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman ProMat 2023 Booth
Yaskawa Motoman ProMat 2023 Booth

Featured Applications

Palletizing Automation

Robotic Palletizing

Palletizing can be one of the most effective parts of a packaging line to automate, and Yaskawa offers a wide selection of robots to help meet your needs.

Logistics - Robot automation

Parcel Induction

Robotic solutions can facilitate picking and placing of items onto conveyors for rapid handling of boxes, polybags and padded envelopes of varying sizes.

Robotics Programming with Smart Pendant

Simplified Robot Programming

Smart Pendant offers 3D visual guidance and helper tools that empower users to initiate complex robot commands without needing to learn the language.

Product Highlights
HC30PL Human Collaborative Robot

HC30PL Cobot

Designed with palletizing applications in mind, the new HC30PL cobot with direct teach capability enables safe and efficient fenceless production in demanding environments.

Robot Specs ›
Yaskawa Motoman GP-Series

GP-Series Robots

Intended for rapid assembly, packaging and general handling processes, GP-series robots deliver optimal speed, accuracy and range of motion. Available with payloads from 4-600 kg.

GP-Series Line ›
Yaskawa Motoman Pallet Solver


Streamline your palletizing process with PalletSolver®. This easy-to-use software solution allows users to quickly create ideal pallet patterns offline for virtually any combination of SKUs.

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Thank you to these partners for featuring Yaskawa products at the show.

Rapyuta Robotics Inc.

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Rapyuta Robotics Inc.

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