Accelerating End-of-Line Operations

Webinar: Wednesday - June 14, 2023 @ 2:00 PM ET


Improve your end-of-line operations in just a few weeks via robotic automation!


Regardless of the endless diversity in how manufacturers operate, the end of the line is almost always the same – you’ve got to be able to build a box, fill a box, and palletize boxes for shipping. However, manually handling this part of production can be an operational bottleneck, not to mention a costly source of injuries. Moreover, due it is low- to no-margin status, end-of-line automation is often the last candidate considered for production optimization.

Thanks to new methods and more affordable, easy-to-deploy robots, all of this is changing. Join Ryan Gagne, Lead Application Engineer from Rapid Robotics, to learn how you can accelerate your end-of-line operations, while lowering costs, via high-performance robotic automation.

Topic Highlights:

  • Risks of manual end-of-line operations

  • Key challenges for end-of-line production

  • Benefits of robotic automation for this task

  • Robotic solutions that solve end-of-line bottlenecks

  • Achieving optimum return on investment

  • Q&A session

Who Should Attend:

Whether you’re a company leader or a production manager, you’ll want to attend this session to learn how you can overcome high injury rates, ongoing bottlenecks and other challenges common to end-of-line production.

This session may be especially helpful for:

  • Manufacturing Engineers/Managers

  • Production Managers/Operators

  • Operations Managers/Specialists

  • Company Leaders/Other Decision Makers

About the Presenter:

Ryan Gagne

Ryan Gagne is Lead Application Engineer for Rapid Robotics and has worked in manufacturing for 15 years. Thanks to an early career spent as a Production Engineering Manger at Touchmark, he is intimately familiar with the complex operational challenges faced by manufacturers. Ryan has also led the implementation of robotics at Touchmark, where he learned first-hand how transformative automation can be for production operations. Having joined Rapid Robotics in 2021, Ryan leads a team that develops and deploys robotic solutions that solve operational bottlenecks for optimal return on investment.


Webinar: Wednesday - June 14, 2023 @ 2:00 PM ET


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