Deploying Automation in Clinical Labs

Wednesday - June 12, 2024 @ 2:00 PM ET

Learn How to Automate Labor-Intensive, High-Throughput Areas of Your Clinical Diagnostic Lab!

A useful tool in driving efficiency, reducing costs and improving throughput in the clinical diagnostic laboratory, automation has the potential to streamline facility workflow, improve turnaround times (TAT), process higher daily volumes, optimize test accuracy and reduce staffing challenges.

To discover proven methods for automating your pre- and post-analytic specimen sequencing, join Yaskawa’s Life Science Technology Leader, Craig Rubenstein, as he offers key insights on how to address workflow challenges. From custom solutions to flexible modular automation, a variety of options exist to improve up- and down-stream processes for maximum speed, capacity and accuracy.

Topic Highlights

  • Overview of lab challenges:

    • Increasing testing volumes

    • Shrinking labor pool

    • Demanding turnaround targets

    • Societal impact

    • Decreasing test reimbursement

    • Performing to expectations

  • Discussion of key questions:

    • What is the minimum testing/specimen volume required to justify automation?

    • What lab processes can be automated?

    • Where is the best place to start with automation in the clinical lab?

    • What key information about my lab is needed to do an evaluation for automating

  • Interactive Q&A session

Who Should Attend

  • Clinical Lab Managers/Directors

  • Section/Department Managers

  • Automation Managers/Directors

  • Process Improvement Managers/Staff

  • Capital Planning Managers/Capital Project Managers

About the Presenter

Craig Rubenstein - Yaskawa

Craig Rubenstein is Life Science Technology Leader at Yaskawa Motoman. An automation professional since 1985, Craig’s expertise is multi-faceted, extending into multiple industries including aerospace, data storage, packaging, electronics assembly and life sciences. Joining the Yaskawa team in 1994, he has helped dozens of companies improve inefficiencies for tangible outcomes. Today, he specializes in assisting clinical labs, bringing highly efficient, flexible and reliable automation solutions to many of the largest diagnostics labs in North America.


Wednesday - June 12, 2024 @ 2:00 PM ET

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