Food and Bev Series: Picking

Webinar: Wednesday, February 8, 2023 @ 2:00 PM ET


Gain expert advice on how robotic picking can optimize your food and beverage operations!


Whether your focus is on protein, cereal, bakery, snack and confectionary, dairy, beverage, or other wet/dry goods, robotic automation is a logical solution for a variety of applications in the Food and Beverage Industry. From improving throughput and maximizing quality to reducing contamination and saving costs, business cases illustrate the total value of adding automation to your facility.

Bring your questions and join us as automation expert, Edgar de Peuter, discusses the various picking tasks that can be met head-on via robotic automation in food processing, manufacturing and distribution environments.

Topic Highlights:

  • Primary Handling – robots equipped to process raw food goods into consumable foods

  • Pick & Place – from uniform processed foods to randomly placed items, high-speed robots efficiently move food amongst conveyors and sorters

  • Bin Picking – using vision technology and advanced grippers, robots are capable of accurate and fast picking

Who Should Attend:

  • Manufacturers looking to optimize picking operations for food and beverage production

  • Decision makers looking to add or update robotic automation to their production lines

  • Order fulfillment managers wanting to create fluid product flow

  • Industry equipment suppliers and integrators

About the Presenter:

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Edgar De Peuter

Edgar de Peuter is the President and Director of DePeuter Packaging Solutions (DPPS), where he provides vision, guidance and direction. Born and educated in the Netherlands, he worked in the engineering department for H.A.L. Cruise Lines for nearly a decade, before moving to the Houston area in the early 2000’s. While in Texas, de Peuter has expanded his knowledge in energy control and automation, and today he leads DePeuter Packaging Solutions – a provider of automated material handling solutions (fully integrated or standalone). DPPS solutions include, but are not limited to palletizers, de-palletizers, robotic material handling, pick and place, case packaging machines, conveyor systems, as well as totally integrated factory automation.


Webinar: Wednesday - February 8, 2023 @ 2:00PM ET


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