Safely Using Robots in Flammable Environments

Webinar: Thursday - December 2, 2021 @ 2:00PM EDT


Discover the robotics advantage! Learn how high-performance robotic automation can help prevent potential fires in flammable environments.



To learn more about using high-performance robots for applications like painting, coating and handling in flammable environments, join Yaskawa Motoman experts, Anthony Steward and Peter Goike, for a candid conversation about the top questions they are asked when it comes to industrial automation and preventing factory fires. Topics covered include:

  • Electrically classified areas and NFPA 70®

  • Proper workcell layout and code enforcement

  • Paint robots vs. traditional robots

  • Fire suppression requirements for robots

  • Peripheral equipment (i.e., safety gates, sensors, solenoids, etc.)

  • Water based and powder paint considerations

  • And, more!

Who Should Attend

  • All fabricators that currently paint or coat parts

  • Any manufacturer looking to upgrade safety in flammable factory environments

About the Presenters



Peter Goike is Application Specialist of Painting and Coating at Yaskawa Motoman. Before joining the Yaskawa team in 2017, Peter worked in paint automation as a Mechanical Project Engineer and an Engineering Group Leader for twenty years, focusing on mechanical design, pneumatic controls and fluid delivery for robotic paint and dispense systems. Along with manufacturing and installing of those systems, Peter’s in-depth knowledge allows him to work one-on-one with customers and integrators, helping them implement paint robotic solutions that achieve transformative results.

Anthony Steward is a Sr. Application Engineer of Painting and Dispensing at Yaskawa Motoman. With a background in chemical processing and a decade in the paint automation industry, Anthony has spent his entire career working in flammable environments and dealing with the challenges they present. Since joining the Yaskawa team in 2017, Anthony has advised new customers on the necessities of properly implementing automation within the painting and other electrically classified areas.



Webinar: Thursday - December 2, 2021 @ 2:00PM EDT


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