Robots: Working to Keep Food and Employees Safe

Webinar: Thursday - October 21st, 2021 @ 2:00PM EDT


Fast and reliable, flexible robotic automation
addresses food and beverage production issues head on!

These days, food manufacturers need to embrace ways of producing sanitary products, while ensuring that employees work in an environment that meets social distancing guidelines related to health concerns. Robots help bridge the gap, enabling the safe and sanitary production of food products while working side by side with their human co-workers. 



Featured robots

Two robots that have a strong impact in the food production application are the HC10 and the GP8. Many other models will also be discussed.



An increased range of easily integrated sanitary robots and cobots is enhancing clean processes.


Achieve shorter batch runs requiring faster equipment changeover and setup, as well as greater flexibility for new, sustainable packaging designs.

Reduced Contact

Robots can handle a variety of tasks like picking, packing and palletizing.


About the presenter

Dean Elkins - presenter

With four decades of robotics industry experience, Dean Elkins, Segment Leader of Material Handling at Yaskawa Motoman, has an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the food and beverage sector. From primary production to retail supply, Elkins’ expertise comes from working one-on-one with manufacturers, helping them implement robotic solutions that achieve transformative results for greater ROI. A member of multiple professional organizations, including the Robotic Industries Associating (RIA), he consistently shares his working knowledge to transform the industry as we know it. The recipient of the 2016 Engelberger Robotics Award – the industry’s highest honor – Elkins enjoys sharing his industry knowledge, influencing positive operational change.

Webinar: Thursday - October 21st, 2021 @ 2:00PM EDT



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