The Robot Programming Revolution

Webinar: Wednesday, August 10, 2022 @ 2:00PM EDT

Discover one of the biggest revolutions in modern robotic welding! 


With “Help Wanted” signs popping up everywhere across the industrial landscape – with few skilled workers available to fill the void – manufacturers have two options: outsource or automate. When it comes to welding, redeploying current weld talent to the value-added position of robot workcell operator is gaining traction. With the proper training, programming software and hardware tools, skilled welders are leveraging their talent, magnifying their expertise and impacting operational productivity for long-term success. 

Join our guest speaker, Anthony Johnson, VP of Business Development at Mach Machines, as he shares how robotic automation and Delfoi ARC (a user-friendly offline programming software for arc welding) are being used to increase the effectiveness of the current welding workforce. Hear use cases, as well as other robotic success stories using Delfoi ARC in combination with Yaskawa robots.

Topic Highlights:

  • ​Industrial landscape outlook – reasons for a revolutionary approach to robotic programming

  • Leveraging robotic automation – benefits of redeploying skilled welders to robotic workcell operators

  • Magnifying talent expertise – using Delfoi ARC to facilitate efficient and cost-effective programming, even for complex path planning

  • Optimizing system uptime – offline programming use cases and success stories, as well as discussion about Mach Machines as a full-solution integrator

Who Should Attend:

  • Companies interested in welding automation – hardware and software solutions

  • Decision makers looking for ways to optimize current welding robots

  • Welding and fabrication service companies – especially those in the high-mix, low-volume space

  • Fabricators, construction equipment manufacturers, steel service centers, etc.

About the Presenter:



Anthony Johnson, married to Anna, father of four, lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Anthony’s outgoing personality and desire to help others originally had him on a path to healthcare, but his curiosity and understanding in the value of advanced technology brought him to the world of manufacturing. Anthony cares about the success of others and started his career finding solutions for modern fabricators who wanted to adopt technology. He developed a communication methodology that more clearly conveys the benefits of technological investments as they pertain to specific applications. This interconnected approach has helped hundreds of companies take leaps forward in their technical prowess and sophistication. 

Webinar: Wednesday - August 10, 2022 @ 2:00PM EDT


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