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Tooling Grade Examples


Manual Weld Tooling

Manual Weld Tooling is typically used for less complicated assemblies or in low volume applications. Manual Weld Tooling may also be used to hold assemblies that have been tack-welded prior to being loaded in to the fixture. Manual Weld Tooling is designed and fabricated to use manual clamps, hardened steel locators, and weld environment appropriate components. 3-D solid model tooling design is standard. Adjustable details, clamp position and part-presence sensors are not standard, however those features can be added if desired.
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Automatic Weld Tooling

Automatic Weld Tooling is typically used for in high volume applications. Automatic Weld Tooling includes (as standard) features for maximum adjustment of component part location, automatic clamping, clamp position and part sensors, high-grade tooling details, heavy-duty (weld environment appropriate) purchased components, hardened steel locators and 3-D solid model tooling design. Three-axis adjustability for most components is standard.
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Laser Cutting Tooling

Laser cutting grade tooling requires a different design philosophy than the approach typically used for weld fixtures. Laser cutting is a non-contact process with little, if any, restraint required for distortion introduced by the process. Laser cutting requires a great deal more clearance for the laser head and robot wrist than conventional weld tooling. Particular attention must be made to minimizing frame structure, clamp size, etc. to prevent interference with the optimum robot cut path. Fiber clearance and management must also be considered in the tool design. Fixtures can include pneumatic or manual clamps and are application specific. Shim adjustment features are not standard. Light- and medium-duty clamps are standard. All tool design must be modeled in 3-D, preferably in SolidEdge. Complete models must be provided to Motoman for use in off-line simulation.
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