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At Automation Teq Solutions, we use engineering skills, creativity and manufacturing technology to design and build custom automation systems. Our custom solutions reduce manual labor, increase quality, eliminate bottlenecks and increase profits for a variety of industries.

We have an engineering team with decades of experience with robotics, electrical control systems, mechanical engineering and software development that can craft a solution for just about any challenge. We are located in South Central Pennsylvania. Robotic Welding: We've created custom robotic welding systems that are capable of MIG and TIG welding, as well as brazing. We've created systems to weld mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. Our systems are highly accurate, they're tested at length during the programming process and they're pressure tested to ensure long-term reliability. When combined with a machine vision, sensing or measurement system, a robotic welding system can inspect its own finished part. We've implemented cameras, lasers and even X-ray technology to help guide the robot and ensure a precise outcome on every single weld. Machine Load & Unload: process is an important consideration. Effective movement of materials and goods through your facility is a must in order to achieve the kind of output necessary to be competitive in today's marketplace.

At AUTOMATION TEQ, we create custom automated solutions that help move raw materials, parts and finished products through the production process. Using both creative thinking and our many years of engineering experience, we create machines that can move large quantities of materials through the manufacturing process. We design and build custom conveyer systems, robotic transfer stations and high-speed sorting systems.

Robotic Palletizing: A robotic palletizing system from AUTOMATION TEQ will help you get your products from the assembly line to your customers as quickly as possible. Our custom palletizing systems can effortlessly move finished products large and small, box them, crate the boxes and position the boxes on a pallet for wrapping and shipment. Essentially any type of product that needs to be moved from assembly to shipping is a perfect candidate for robotic palletizing. Our custom systems will work with very small products, very large products, light products and heavy products. They'll move products that have been sterilized as well as raw materials like dirt and bricks. Best of all, they'll reduce the manpower you need to keep your products moving out of your facility while increasing your output dramatically.


Custom Polishing Cells At AUTOMATION TEQ our custom automated manufacturing cells are designed to solve problems and save our clients money. Our machines are highly efficient and offer a much greater degree of accuracy and repeatability than traditional manpower could ever achieve. Best of all, they generate serious return on investment when taking into account the lifespan of the machine and 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-per-year operation. Often times, we will help a manufacturer develop an automated solution to replace a manual process. In high-volume applications, our custom cells really shine thanks to day-in-day-out consistency and high-volume output. Best of all, we can build features into our automated cells to monitor quality and ensure very close tolerances. That means a level of consistency that could never be achieved without automation technology.

Application Expertise

  • Arc Welding
  • Machine Vision
  • Material Removal
  • Palletizing

Support Level

  • Supplemental Integration Support
  • Turnkey Engineered Systems


699 Todd Rd.
Honeybrook PA 19344

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