Pre-Engineered Positioners

Yaskawa Motoman has extensive worldwide experience integrating servo-controlled welding fixtures and tracks into a broad range of robotic solutions. Our positioners and transporters provide unmatched speed, accuracy, reliability and versatility for customers spanning diverse industries. Using the same field-proven motor controls, they are manufactured to the same exacting standards as Yaskawa robots. We also lead in control technology with multi-tasking software that allows coordination between multiple robots, base axes and multi-axis positioners.

Many of the positioners listed below are standard on our ArcWorld® pre-engineered welding workcells. 

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Sky Hooks


Ferris Wheel





MotoPOS 500







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Positioner Options

Yaskawa offers positioner options to add additional features or flexibility you may need for your application. Positioner options include:

  • MotoMount
    A patented fixturing adapter that allows tooling to use lower-precision mounting holes, and reduces stress and wear on positioner bearings, tooling and parts. Learn more...

  • Slip Ring Kits
    Permits passage of sensor cable, control cables and air lines to a moving positioner part tooling without twisting the cables.

  • Wedge Pins and Hard Stops
    Ensures stability to the parts being processed, while parts are loaded/unloaded from the opposite side of the positioner.

  • Arc Screens
    Protects workers from arc flash and spatter, and provides a hard barrier between the operator station and the robot work area.

  • Table Sizes
    Rotary turntables are available with different diameter tables for smaller equipment footprint or larger parts.

  • Tailstocks
    Tailstocks are paired with headstocks to accommodate longer or heavier parts.

  • Weld Ground Brushes
    Grounding brushes can be upgraded for higher-amp-service welding processes, while using multiple robots.

  • Under-Positioner Light Curtains
    Often used with ferris wheel positioners, these curtains prevent positioner or robot movement if a part or person is under the positioner.

  • Operator Station Jog Control
    Jog controls permit the operator to manually rotate or index the positioner while the robot is stopped, to check or load/unload parts without having to run a robot job to move the positioner.

  • Overhead Robot Mounting Structure
    When overhead mounting of robots is needed, overhead, stationary mounts can be used to free up floor space in the workcell.

  • Switch Kits
    These kits can be added to indexing positioners to indicate indexed position to the controller or external equipment.

  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU)
    FSU is a safety device that progressively slows and then stops robot/positioner motion as an operator enters predefined safety zones.

These positioner options can be specified at the time of order and most are available as add-on accessories for systems you already own. If you have any questions about how positioner options can improve productivity and safety, Contact Us.

Custom Positioners

Not all production parts fit nicely into standard workcell. Heavy, long, boxy or tubular parts can be handled by matching the application need with the proper part positioner. And when the application calls for a unique welding setup, Yaskawa Motoman's wide range of positioners provide added flexibility that enables welding in the optimum position. Coordinated motion between the positioner and robot provides increased travel speeds while maintaining the highest weld standards. A variety of custom positioners are depicted below.


Double-Ended Tilting HS

Tilt Rotate

Double-End Sky Hook

Large Sky Hook

Drop Center


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Robot Transporters

Moving the robot greatly increases the working range and application flexibility. Yaskawa Motoman delivers this advantage through a range of versatile transporter configurations. Our MotoSweep™ radial gantry is ideal for freeing up floorspace and allows the robot to be suspended directly over or on either side of a part. MotoRail™ linear transporters can be floor-mounted or suspended to reduce floorspace and can extend long distances. YRC1000 software can coordinate the motion of up to three bases axes (X, Y, Z) for each robot with part positioners. It can also support multiple robots on transporter axes, along with part positioner(s), in a single workcell. 


Floor Tracks

Ceiling Tracks

Vertical Track



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