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What is MLX200?

MLX200 is a purpose-built industrial robot controller specifically designed to interface PLCs and Yaskawa Motoman robots. All control and programming is done through the Add-on Instructions on the PLC.

What is MLX300?

MLX300 is Yaskawa’s next (3rd) generation solution for environments requiring robots to integrate with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). MLX300 is a software solution built upon our industry leading robot controllers, where all programming, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting is done through the PLC interface without the need to learn a separate robot programming language.

What are the key differences between MLX200 and MLX300?

MLX300 expands the capabilities of MLX200 in three key ways. First, the family of supported robots is expanded. Any material handling robot supported on the DX200 or any GP-series robot on the YRC1000 can be used with MLX300. Secondly, MLX300 provides support for the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) capabilities of the DX200 and YRC1000 controllers. Finally, additional servo drives and panels are not required with MLX300.

What applications are best suited for an MLX solution?

MLX is an ideal solution for material handling, palletizing and assembly applications.

How many robots can be controlled from a single PLC with MLX300?

Up to four robots or positioners can be controlled by a single MLX300 system. These robots would be non-coordinated.

Is Yaskawa’s Functional Safety Unit available with MLX300?

Yes (Not available with MLX200).

Is MLX300 supported through MotoSim?

Yes. MotoSim ER-VRC 2015 SP3 or newer is required. The User must have the DX200/YRC1000 controller, PLC and PC connected, but the program can be tested on a virtual robot with the simulation tool. If the physical robot is not connected, a dummy connector is required.

Where do I connect various I/O devices, on the Yaskawa controller or the PLC?

Since all programming and control is done through the PLC, all external devices would be connected to, and managed by the PLC since the PLC has much better I/O capability than a traditional robot controller.

Which robots does MLX200 support?

MLX200 supports a wide range of 4-7 axis Motoman robots with payload capacity from 3kg-300kg.

Which robots does MLX300 support?

MLX300 supports all material handling robots on the DX200, and all GP-series robots on the YRC1000 controller.

Which PLCs are currently supported?

Currently, MLX300 works with most Rockwell CompactLogix, GuardLogix and ControlLogix PLCs. Please reference the following: 

Rockwell PLC Model MLX300 Support Notes
Bulletin 1769 CompactLogix Controllers – L3x Yes 2MB memory is required.
Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix Controllers (L7x) Yes Ethernet/IP module is required.
Bulletin 1756 GuardLogix Controllers (L7xS) Yes Ethernet/IP module is required.


Can other PLCs be supported?

Other PLCs are not currently planned.

Why do you offer two different solutions (MLX200 and MLX300)?

MLX300 is the next generation solution for PLC integration. MLX200 is still a viable product for those customers that already have MLX200 installed. MLX300 provides advantages over MLX200 (Functional Safety support, expanded robot availability), and will be the platform for future enhancements.

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