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User-Friendly Touchscreen Teach Pendant for Novice Robot Users

Radically change the way a robot is programmed with the easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant. Ideal for novice robot users, this pendant simplifies INFORM programming for easy-to-understand operation and fast implementation of the robot system. The Smart Pendant’s intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) accommodates the programmer’s style, and the patented, built-in Smart Frame feature allows the robot to adapt to the operator’s position, eliminating the utilization of coordinate frames and allowing for easy robot jogging.

The Smart Pendant is also well-suited for experienced robot operators looking to reduce programming downtime. Recent software releases extend Smart Pendant functionality, providing powerful control for simple applications such as assembly, injection molding, inspection, machine tending, material handling, and pick and place.

Update Smart Pendant 3.1 Software Release

Latest release notes:

  • Custom HMI via Interface Panel

  • ~30 new INFORM instructions

  • Basic arc welding support

  • Step jogging (incremental “inch-like” jogging)

  • Usability improvements (INFORM, search help files)

  • Notification & Package Install History

  • And more…

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Experience Easy Robot Programming + Operation

The Smart Pendant is a touchscreen programming pendant option for select Yaskawa Motoman robot models that offers users simplified programming, ease of learning, intuitive touchscreens, and responsive HMI-style operator interaction.


Why Smart Pendant?

Get to productivity faster by setting up new robot jobs in hours versus days and weeks, while reducing your costs for training, programming and integration. Then sustain day-to-day productivity with a simple and responsive operator interface.

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Why Yaskawa Motoman?

Go with a trusted name that's committed to maximizing your ROI for years to come. Yaskawa Motoman industrial quality robots and equipment lead the field in durability, speed and accuracy - backed by world-class customer support. 

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Key Features

Program Like a Pro

Smart Pendant provides 3D visual guidance and helper tools that empower users to initiate complex robot commands without needing to learn the language.


Expand Your Capabilities

Tap into powerful robot controller functions that advance your automation. Easily add and configure vision, tools, safety scanners and more using touch-enabled, graphical pendant extension apps.


Pallet Builder Smart Pendant Software

Enhancing Smart Pendant capability for handling tasks, enables quick development palletizing workcells and robot jobs.

Smart Pattern Software

Provides a user-friendly way to create a pattern-based handling program on your Smart Pendant.

Developer Site

Extend your Smart Pendant software by creating custom apps and packages.

ArcWorld LC low-cost welding cell

With features built for picking, machine tending, assembly and other light handling jobs, the Smart Pendant is an option for GP-series robots up to 80 kg payload.

Learn Smart Pendant robot programming free from Yaskawa Academy online

Fully simplify your robot experience with the HC-series collaborative robots, featuring hand-guided teaching and easy setup through Smart Pendant.


Optimized speed and precision control make the YRC1000 and YRC1000micro controller options a winning choice for your size, power supply, and I/O requirements.


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