Used / HS-249: Demo GP50, YRC1000

Demo Robot Assembly, GP50 robot with YRC1000 controller, 5-meter robot base cable, and YRC1000 STANDARD programming pendant with 8-meter cable.


Included Option(s):

  • 1 ea. Interface, door, standard I/O, YRC1000

  • 1 ea. Software option, functional safety, YRC1000

  • 1 ea. Accessory, conveyor tracking, linear/circular, YRC1000, w/part queueing

  • 1 ea. Accessory, Modbus/TCP, PCIE, server/slave

  • 1 ea. Cable assembly, base, user I/O, 24 contact conn, 5-meter

  • 1 ea. Cable assembly, pigtail, user I/O, 24 contact conn, 1.5-meter

  • 1 ea. Cable assembly, upper arm, user I/O, 24 contact conn

  • 1 ea. Accessory, system power designation, 460 VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 HZ

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Assembly, Dispensing, Education, Machine Tending, Material Removal, Packaging, Press / Forming




50.0 kg

Stock Number:


Horz. Reach:

2061 mm


Motomax I


$40,428.15 USD

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