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Create Customized PC Applications

Facilitating ease of use, YMConnect is a robot communication software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to create custom applications that communicate with Yaskawa robots. The successor to MotoCom SDK, YMConnect utilizes a cross-platform library to control and monitor a robot over Ethernet, allowing for integration of a custom PC application with the robot controller. A GitHub repository helps to distribute the dynamic library and enables the user to use provided examples to jump-start the development process.
Key features of the YMConnect SDK include:

  • Modern C++ 17 programming language

  • Code documentation and example coding

  • Read the configuration of axes

  • Monitor feedback position and torque

  • Monitor state of operation and errors

  • Save, load and delete* files

  • Generate motion on-the-fly

  • Read and write controller variables

  • Read unlimited I/O

  • And More

*Deletion is supported only for JOB files.

Capabilities include:

  • Windows® 10 (or newer) or Ubuntu 22.04 (or newer)

  • Compatible with the YRC1000, YRC1000micro, FS100, DX200 and DX100 (DS2.07.00-00 and above) controllers


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