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MotoSim® has a new feature; the model library, which contains usable 3D models that you can drag and drop into your cell. Learn more by watching the video below.


We will be adding new models regularly so check back often to download more models.

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UPDATE (6/2/22): MotoSimEG-VRC 2022 now available. Read more and download update.

Notice: Yaskawa has verified the accuracy of the models contained in this library at the time of the models' creation. Third parties may change their products without notifying us. Therefore, models are subject to change without notice or may not accurately represent changed third party products.

Download the ZIP file for your model from the list below.  Once downloaded extract the zipped files to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Motoman\MotoSimEG-VRC\ModelLibrary.  This will allow MotoSim EG VRC to display the models in your local model library.  For additional information please refer to section 8 in the MotoSimEG VRC operation manual located in the MotoSimEG VRC installation folder. (Version 5.2 and newer supported)

YRC1000 Systems




AW2000 & AW2200





YRC1000 Positioners




DX200 Systems

DX200 Positioners


Torches and Seam Finders

Note: All torches are created with a 19mm stick out.

Wire Feeders


Note: YRC1000 controllers are included with the MotoSimEG-VRC installation.


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