ArcWorld 200-500

With more robust capabilities than our compact ArcWorld workcells, AW200 and AW500 models are designed to be versatile workhorses that can deliver whatever your application demands. Whether you need dependable production of small- to medium-sized parts, or affordable wire-to-weld solutions for medium-volume welding applications, these proven models are a perfect choice.

ArcWorld workcells arrive at your facility pre-assembled and ready to weld. Key components:

  • AR-series arc welding robot

  • YRC1000 robot controller with menu-driven arc-welding application software

  • Integrated welding package from your choice of top suppliers

  • Two stationary workstations (AW200) or two headstock/tailstock positioners (AW500)

  • Total safety environment: walls, curtains, quick-cycle electric doors

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Features & Highlights

Cost- and Space-Efficient
ArcWorlds arrive at your facility pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation.These 2-station cells can occupy a typical single-station space.

Optimal Flexibility
& Workflow

Able to handle parts up to 1 m in size and total payloads up to 550 kg. The 2-station setup allows for quick changeovers for a higher mix of part variations.

Maximum Throughput
Always be welding.
The dual-station design enables you to maximize your uptime for higher volume runs - improving both speed and quality.

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