ArcWorld C-30

Yaskawa's ArcWorld C-series workcells deliver powerful performance in a compact package. These mid-range workcells feature reduced floorspace, and are ideal for low- to medium-volume fabrication, such as job shop and automotive component applications.

The newest robotic workcell is the ArcWorld C-30, an entry-level sized cell with a flat table to mount your welding jig. Perfect for smaller, straightforward welding tasks.

Features & Highlights


Low Entry Cost
The most affordable way to integrate a robotic welding workcell. Ideal for high-mix, low-volume job shops looking to take a sustainable approach to growth.

Fast Ramp-Up
ArcWorld cells arrive at your facility ready to weld. The easy-to-learn interface reduces both training and setup time.

Compact Design
The ArcWorld C-30 is designed to maximize your productive floor space. Workcells are pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation.

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