ArcWorld LC

Available in a space-saving single or dual workstation, ArcWorld LC (Lite Cell) robotic welding systems offer an easy-to-install option at a low cost. Ideal for fabricators with light- to medium-applications, LC workcells excel at small-to medium-part welding, providing efficiency and consistent quality.

  • Workstations can be tooled for different parts or be used for sequential operations

  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU) enforces safety zones for split-station work as well as part loading and unloading

  • High-speed Motoman® AR1440 arc welding robot efficiently welds parts for consistent quality

  • Miller® Auto-Continuum™ 350 or Lincoln Electric Power Wave® R450 robotic power supply available

  • Space-saving equipment base with wire ways eases setup and provides cable management

  • Robot controller, welding equipment and power disconnect are mounted as an assembly, simplifying shipment and installation


Features & Highlights

  • Power & Performance
    Designed to meet the needs of Tier 2 suppliers or general fabricators, ArcWorld LC workcells efficiently handle parts for labor intensive jobs.

  • Ease of Integration
    Pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation, ArcWorld workcells arrive at your facility ready to weld.

  • Modular & Scalable
    ​Grow your productivity without expanding your space. ArcWorld LC workcells easily scale from a single or dual workstation to adapt to changing demands.


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