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This course covers the USER part of the DX200 Concurrent I/O Ladder with the Motoman Ladder Editor Pendant Software and is taught by a certified Yaskawa Academy Robotics Instructor. Students learn to customize the operation of DX200 Input/Output functions. Individuals responsible for advanced programming and/or maintenance should attend. Although only the DX200 Basic Programming course is required prior to attending, the NX/DX Advanced Programming or NX/DX Maintenance Course is recommended.

Course Overview

This course consists of classroom lectures, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practice exercises. Covered topics are related to real-world examples and applications. To create an interactive and enhanced learning environment, class size is limited to 6. More interaction with Motoman instructors allows students to grasp the concepts of robot/controller Concurrent I/O ladder operations.

Course Materials

Students receive a course outline, objectives, and a manual, which details specific topics covered in the class. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions, and inquire about specific operating issues.


Although only the NX100/DX100/FS100/DX200 Basic Programming course is required prior to attending, the NX100/DX100/DX200 Advanced Programming or NX100/DX100/DX200 Maintenance Course is recommended.


  • Understanding the purpose and functionality of concurrent I/O
  • Operating Input/Output devices
  • Programming I/O instructions
  • Programming Ladder instructions
  • Registering I/O names
  • Registering USER alarms and messages
  • Understanding ladder logical relay addressing
  • Defining interference zones
  • Defining I/O controlling parameters
  • Programming with Ladder Editor


This training class will be held at Motlow State Community College, location as indicated below: 

Motlow State Community College
225 Cadillac Lane
McMinnville, TN 37110

Attendees who complete the required number of contact hours will receive a certificate of completion.  Those who meet the contact hours requirement, and score 70% or better on the final exam, will be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Course Details - LAST UPDATED - 07/09/2019


Tentative class schedule is PENDING.


This course runs 3.0 days (19.5 - contact hours), class starts & ends / (8:30am - 4:30pm) starting on the day indicated above.



For additional assistance, please call 937-847-3307 or send your inquiries to For additional assistance directly from Motlow State Community College, please contact Larry Flatt - 931-668-7010 x2131 or send your inquiries to

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