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The HC10 w/wo DT Micro Controller w/ Smart Pendant Basic Operators course provides lessons to ensure each student should have the necessary skills to understand robot movement and fault recovery, how to work safely in and around the robot cell, teach jobs and modify points, and be able to program typical gripper operation instructions. This is a free online course.


  • Unpacking and Connecting Micro Controller and HC10 DT Robot
  • Programming Pendant Hardware
  • Programming Pendant Screen
  • Setting Up a Tool: Fundamentals
  • Jogging Coordinates & Axis Keys
  • Alarms & Errors Recovery
  • Second Home - Specified Point
  • Creating New Job and Job Selection
  • Path Creation
  • Position/Path Confirmation & Playback
  • Job Editing
  • Non-Motion Commands
  • Programming I/O Instructions for Tool Operation
  • Monitoring & Operating Universal Inputs/Outputs
  • FSU and PFL overview
  • Power and Force Limiting (PFL) Function
  • Direct (Easy) Teach & Hand Guiding

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Available 24/7 through the Yaskawa Academy LMS


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