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This course is a continuing class for the YRC1000 controller for only the HC10 Robot arm.

Course Overview

This course consists of classroom lectures, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practice exercises. Covered topics are related to real-world examples and applications. To create an interactive and enhanced learning environment, class size is limited to 4. To perform the hands-on practice exercises, students are typically assigned 2 to a pendant at Yaskawa Academy.

Course Materials

Students receive a copy of the YRC1000 HC10 Collaborative Training Manual which details instructions and programming technique for the HC10 Robot Arm. Students are urged to take notes, participate in discussions, and to bring up specific programming issues.


At a minimum, must have attended a DX100 / FS100 / DX200 / YRC1000 Basic Programming and have records on file located at Yaskawa Academy.


Primary topics include:

  • FSU & PFL Overview
  • Axis Range LIMIT Function 
  • Axis Speed Motor
  • Tool Interference 
  • Robot Range Limit
  • Speed Limit   
  • Tool Angle Monitor 
  • FSU Recovery
  • Restrictions 
  • Hand Guiding 
  • Collaborative Functional Overview
  • Setting Procedure of each function
  • Safety Cautions
  • Daily Inspections
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Alarm List


The YRC1000 HC10 Collaborative Training Manual will be the standard training manual distributed during the start of class ONLY.

Training class schedules are subject to be changed without notice, based on instructor availability.  All Training classes are held in the Miamisburg, OH Training Facility unless other prior arrangements have been confirmed.

Attendees who complete the required number of contact hours will receive a certificate of completion.  Those who meet the contact hours requirement, and score 70% or better on the final exam, will be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Course Details - LAST UPDATED - 03/19/2020


Apr 13, May 11, Jun 8, Jul 7, Aug 17, Sep 14, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 7


This course runs 4.0 days (26 hours), class starts & ends / Mon-Thurs 8:30am - 4:30pm.



For additional assistance, please call 937-847-3307 or send your inquiries to

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