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Learn How to Shockproof Your Supply Chain at ProMat 2023

Learn How to Shockproof Your Supply Chain at ProMat 2023

Posted: 13/01/2023 01:07:48 p. m. by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Collaborative, Palletizing, Pick and Pack, Trade Shows

Yaskawa Motoman’s first time in attendance at the ProMat show is around the corner, and we invite you to join us!

Presented by MHI® (a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to helping material handling, logistics and supply chain management equipment and system manufacturers), ProMat 2023 in Chicago (March 20-23) will feature innovative systems and peripherals from nearly 1,000 of the world’s leading manufacturing and supply chain solution providers. From cutting-edge AI-powered automation to tried-and-true technologies, many smart solutions to help unlock greater production potential will be on display. Plus, dozens of seminars, networking events, career forums and more will be offered to guide attendees along their solution selection journey.

What Will be Featured at the Show

At the show, the Yaskawa booth (#N8155) will feature demonstrations and workcells that will showcase:

Collaborative Palletizing
Featuring the HC30PL collaborative robot, this extremely flexible NAS Nalle Automation System facilitates robust palletizing capability for demanding environments. Ideal for safe and efficient fenceless production, the HC30PL cobot with Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology constantly monitors force and quickly reacts to contact, and it offers a 30 kg payload capacity and 1,700 maximum reach to expertly support select handling, packaging and logistical tasks.

Other key robot features include: 1) a plug and play tool flange (based on EN ISO-9409-1) to connect a wide variety of end-of-arm tooling for fast and simple deployment, 2) an IP67 rating and easy-to-clean surface for reliable operation in damp or splash-prone environments, as well as use in sanitary settings where wipe or washdown is required, 3) NSF H1 certified food-grade grease for use in facilities where there is the chance of incidental food contact, and 4) a thru-arm category 6 Ethernet cable, I/O cable and dual 5 mm ID air lines to eliminate external utilities, while offering fast, safe and easy setup for a range of communication and tooling options.

The HC30PL on display is controlled by the high-performance YRC1000 controller with intuitive Smart Pendant (Version 3.0 shown). Radically changing the way a robot is programmed, the Smart Pendant’s patented, built-in Smart Frame technology helps determine the user’s orientation relative to the robot. This makes the robot user the frame of reference, eliminating the use of conventional coordinate (X,Y,Z) frames and enabling easy programming for fast system deployment.

The Smart Pendant on display features Pallet Builder™ – Yaskawa’s new, ease of use no-code palletizing platform. Ideal for users with limited robotic experience, this software tool is well-suited for small- to medium-sized companies with high-mix, low-volume production, and it can support up to eight combined stations with multiple grippers/gripper types. Pallet Builder is compatible with GP-series and HC-series robots.

High-Speed Robotic Induction
Containing the extremely efficient GP12 robot with high transfer capability, this demonstration highlights the use of fast, reliable robotic automation for addressing order fulfillment demands. The GP12 offers a 1,440 mm horizontal reach, 2,511 mm vertical reach and a 12 kg payload capacity.

Fizyr AI deep-learning software in conjunction with the Zivid Two 3D camera enables human-like vision for intelligent 3D scene capturing that helps the robot achieve pick rates of 1,200-1,700 per hour for a wide range of objects. Highly flexible conveyors from Dynamic™ Conveyor Corporation and Dorner are also shown, along with safety guarding by Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions (AMGS).

Hands-On Robot Programming
Featuring three flexible HC10DTP collaborative robots with direct-teach capability, this interactive demonstration allows booth visitors to safely hand guide a collaborative robot for an easy-to-use robot programming experience. The user-friendly touchscreen Smart Pendant with built-in Classic Interface function will also be featured, as well as gripper technology from Schmalz, Schunk, SMC and Zimmer.

Industrial Offline Pallet Pattern Generation
Highlighting Yaskawa’s PalletSolver® software solution, this demonstration utilizes two high-speed GP7 robots simulating an end-of-line production process. Featuring a scalable architecture that can handle even the most complex palletizing systems, PalletSolver enables users to efficiently generate ideal pallet patterns offline (from a PC-based environment) for a virtually unlimited number of SKUs. A robot controller based application optimizes execution of pattern files and robot operation, enabling efficient single and multi-line palletizing. Banner safety light curtains and SMC air cylinders and pneumatics are also featured.

Why Decision Makers Should Attend ProMat

To sustain and improve productivity in demanding, yet uncertain, manufacturing environments many company leaders are thinking “big” and turning to advanced technologies, including high-performance robotic automation. In fact, this new wave of robot implementation is integral for companies looking to “shockproof” their operations – boosting manufacturing output and product quality while doing more with less.

While disrupted supply chains, record high inflation and baby boomer retirement are extremely challenging issues, they have also primed production operations for positive change. For manufacturers and logistics providers that are navigating these waters, as well as the solution selection process, tradeshows, like ProMat, are a fantastic resource for accessing much of the information needed to gain competitive edge.

Register for ProMat Today

“Our team of dedicated experts is excited to attend this show for the first time and meet you," says Chris Caldwell, Yaskawa Product Manager. “Our high-performance robots combined with innovative peripherals from our strategic partners are making a positive impact throughout the supply chain and beyond, and we invite you to find out more.” Learn more about our ProMat booth (#N8155) and register for the show today!

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