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Make Automation Easy at FABTECH 2021

Make Automation Easy at FABTECH 2021

Posted: 29/07/2021 02:35:14 p. m. by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Arc Welding, Collaborative, Controls, Dispensing, Handling, Mobile Robots, Trade Shows

Rising customer demand for products is soaring to new levels, leaving many manufacturers scrambling to keep up with evolving requirements in the post-pandemic industrial landscape. This market pressure, combined with high material prices, supply chain shortages and the on-going labor crunch are prompting manufacturers to re-evaluate strategic plans and sales strategies, determining if investment in capital equipment and peripheral technologies will optimize operations.

Companies are realizing to do more with less, the implementation of advanced technologies, including robotic automation is an ideal choice. Aligning workflow with new robots and peripheral technologies is helping to accelerate production output. In many cases the lack of skilled labor is no longer an issue, as robotic automation is helping to augment the shrinking workforce.

Aside from addressing industrial dilemmas, the boom for robotic automation is a result of more affordable, flexible and intuitive robots. Taking technology a step further, Yaskawa Motoman is even combining simple to use tools and efficient programming methods with intelligent capability, empowering a wider user group for select robotic applications.

Make Robotic Automation Easy

To learn how easy-to-use robots and other proven solutions can help your production challenges, join our experts at FABTECH 2021!

  • Kick off the show by joining our welding product manager, Josh Leath, as he helps lead an enlightening session called, “Automation Adoption: What You Need to Know and Why.” The session lasts from 8am to 9:30am on Monday, September 13th, and Josh’s presentation on “Why Manufacturers Won’t Survive Without Robotics” will start at 8:45am.

  • After that, be sure to stop by the Yaskawa Motoman booth (#B20034). Our team is excited to be back in person, sharing a host of robotic solutions that are proven to increase productivity, optimize part quality and strengthen your existing workforce. Backed by world-class customer support and built for powerful performance, the following solutions will be on display:


Pre-engineered welding workcell – built to optimize medium- to large-sized part production, the ArcWorld® 6200 will feature two streamlined six-axis AR1440 welding robots with expanded wrist range for improved application flexibility. Each robot will utilize a YRC1000 controller and integrated welding power source that is mounted on a common base for easy setup. Multiple robot control with coordinated motion between devices will be demonstrated from a single teach pendant. The AC servo-driven RM2-750 Ferris-wheel positioner will utilize the MotoMount™ fixture mounting system, allowing the positioner to be lagged directly to the floor and eliminating the need for precision alignment or machined bases while simplifying tool changeovers. The workcell will feature advanced aluminum welding equipment by Miller® and Lincoln Electric®, and will also showcase the Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI) pendant application that enables control of any weld process or parameter through a common user-friendly interface.

Weld inspection – featuring the highly versatile and efficient GP12 robot, this integrated workcell demonstrates how vision, sound, power supply and robot data can work together with Yaskawa Cockpit™ to create a weld score, ensuring greater weld quality. MotoSight™ 2D, IBM® sound analytics and machine learning with Watson are showcased in this system as well. Providing capability that human and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) cannot, weld inspection robots can help reduce scrap, maximize good parts and optimize overall equipment effectiveness.

Mobile collaborative welding robot – designed to add capacity to current production, the six-axis HC10XP human-collaborative robot is ideal for supplementing manual welding or for rolling up to large, heavy workpieces. Used in Electro-Matic’s Mobile Robotic Weld Cart with a Miller® Auto-Continuum™ power source and a Tregaskiss® TOUGH GUN® CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG gun, the HC10XP features a 1,200 mm reach and 10-kg payload capacity.

Four modes of collaborative operation are offered, including Power and Force Limiting (PFL) to enable operation with or in close proximity to human workers. Depending on production requirements, the HC10XP can shift between collaborative speed in PFL mode or full speed in industrial mode. It can also operate without additional protective measures based on risk assessment and process requirements. Easy hand-guided programming enables quick implementation of the robot system, and an IP67 rating allows operation in harsh welding environments.

Jigless spot welding – equipped with a servo-controlled ultra-light spot gun with DC spot timer, the low-profile SP80 spot welding robot will be featured in a mixed-process workcell, highlighting exceptionally fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities for reduced air-cut time and increased production output.

The demonstration will also feature the high-payload GP180 robot performing jigless positioning tasks, as well as a low-profile GP110 robot manipulating a laser seam stepper. The three-robot cell also features multiple robot control with coordinated motion between different devices and processes through a single YRC1000 teach pendant for the fabrication of a single part.


Machine tending with flexible cobot – designed to work safely with or in close proximity to human workers, the six-axis HC10 human-collaborative robot will be shown in a machine tending workcell. Built with Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology, this robot is inherently safe by design with dual torque sensors in all joints to constantly monitor force and quickly react to contact, protecting workers from potentially harmful situations. A 10-kg payload capacity and a 1,200 mm reach facilitate production throughput, and hand-guided teaching allows for fast deployment or redeployment on demand. It is easily adaptable and can be integrated with existing automation. A SICK area scanner will also be featured, allowing the robot to move at full speed when the work envelope is clear, or at a safe speed when humans are present.

Dispensing and Coating

High-speed, efficient paint automation – well-suited for dispensing and painting, the six-axis MPX1950 robot creates smooth, consistent finishes for small- to medium-sized parts with outstanding efficiency. To be highlighted in a painting workcell with a Keyence SZ-V series safety laser scanner for innovative safeguarding, this small footprint slim-arm robot allows for minimum installation space, and its reduced interference envelope allows painting of workpieces closer to the robot. Built with a hollow inline wrist, the MPX1950’s 7-kg payload capacity is ideal for mounting a variety of spray guns and small bells.

This robot is Factory Mutual approved for use in Class I, Div. 1 hazardous environments, and an optional location for cable connection reduces interference with walls. A versatile design enables floor, wall or ceiling mounting for layout flexibility. Controlled by the DX200-FM robot controller and an easy-to-use touch screen teach pendant, the MPX1950 is run with application-specific software that supports paint hardware configurations, while accommodating paint control instructions and supporting standard networks. An intrinsically safe pendant is optional.

Asset Management

Yaskawa Cockpit – a key component of Yaskawa’s i3-Mechatronics vision of Industry 4.0, the integrated approach of the Yaskawa Cockpit software platform easily monitors, accumulates and visually delivers data in real time for connected devices, including robots. Providing the ability to view current and historical production volumes, as well as operational status, this robust software facilitates data-driven optimized planning for maximized efficiency and throughput.

Motion Control

Interactive kiosk – offering a full suite of industrial AC drives, HVAC drives, machine controllers and more, our sister division – Yaskawa America Inc., Drives & Motion – will display several cutting-edge products including Yaskawa Compass™. This diverse software package can quickly deliver an easy-to-use graphical machine interface, allowing manufacturers to brand and easily customize screens with little programming knowledge – as this tool provides an extensive library of prebuilt C# plugins or enables the importing of custom plugins. Be sure visit our Drives & Motion experts to learn how these offerings, including Yaskawa Compass can help you achieve a pathway to greater versatility for applications that entail 3D printing, shape cutting, machining, robotic automation and more.

To learn more about FABTECH 2021 or to register, go here.

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